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Besides their stellar massage and chiropractic services, Dr. Brenneman and Dr. Bedillion offer a wide range of other therapies that can help relieve your pain and suffering. They give the same, high-quality care during these procedures as they do with any other. You will go in feeling safe and appreciated, and leave feeling relieved of pain and worry!

Electrical Stimulation | Ultrasound Therapy | Washington, PA

This technique uses very low level of electrical currents to treat nerve and muscle pain, as well as inflammation.  It restores the normal electrical frequencies of your body that could have been damaged by trauma or stress. It is used to relieve arthritis, back and neck pain, TMJ pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and headaches.

Electrical stimulation

Different procedures, same high-quality care


Intersegmental traction

Microcurrent therapies

Therapeutic Ultrasound is used to relax tight muscles around joints. It is completely painless and encourages good blood circulation. It can also be used to speed the healing of joints and reduce joint swelling and spasms.

This technique uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle group to contract. Electrodes are placed on the skin in various locations, and an electrical current is sent through the electrodes into the muscles. The therapist can then adjust the level of electrical intensity to create the desired level of muscle contraction. This technique decreases muscle spasms, increases muscle strength, assists in healing, as well as increases blood circulation.

This technique uses a specially-designed table that is meant to increase the motion of the spine. When activated, the table rolls 3 rollers up and down the spine. This technique is meant to increase the patient's range of motion, as well as prevent slipped discs and disc degeneration.